ArtLab Ufa 2019

solo show

The project explores the family archive of the artist's family of 80 letters that were written 40 years ago. In the early 2000s, the family broke up, leaving traumatic affects. The artist recreates the cultural and historical context of the whole country and the world with the help of private letters. World events are rehashed from the media and shown as filing cabinets.

The act of writing refers to the conjuring arts, by which we materialize thought and cognize the world by imagining it. By reproducing fragments of letters and drawings in the fields with his own hand, Shamil, as a spell, tries to imprint in his mind the story of tremulous love and thus supplant the memories of its destruction.


A project is built as a narrative lined around a text. The artist transforms letters into verses and creates collages based on their motives.

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