Shamil Shaaev was born in 1988, lives and works in Moscow.


He graduated from the Faculty of Philology at Bashkir State University (Ufa), and studied in graduate school at the same faculty. Currently studying at the “Free workshops” of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. In his artistic practice, he turns to visual and verbal languages ​​and their interconnections. This interest, as a rule, is realized in the field of memory, writing and speech: its fixation, storage and rearchiving. In 2019, he presented his first solo project, Out of Nowhere with Love. 

In 2020, he was shortlisted for the Turbulence competition held by the Cultural Creative Agency and the Republic of Qatar as part of the Cosmoscow contemporary art fair. He is a co-founder of the self-organized group of artists and curators Disk.



2005-2014 Bashkir State University, Philology, Ufa (Russia)

2019-2020 Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Free Workshops School, Moscow (Russia)


Personal shows:

2019 From nowhere with love, ArtLab, Ufa (Russia)


2020 Human communicating, Special program of Moscow International Biennale for young art, MMOMA (Moscow)

2020 Pauses, Special program of Moscow International Biennale for young art, MMOMA (Moscow)

2020 Rfywtkzhbz/Chancellery, Parallel program of Moscow International Biennale for young art, 25Kadr Gallery Moscow

2019 Assemblage point, Parallel program of Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Peschanaya Gallery, Moscow

Group shows:

2020 TemperatYRA, Electrozavod Gallery, Moscow (Russia)

2020 Kommunalka, CCI Fabrica, Moscow (Russia)

2020 Sturm13, Antonov Gallery, Saint Petersburg (Russia)

2020 Krukrinoksy, Taganka Gallery, Moscow (Russia)

2020 VHUTEMAS XXI, Russian State Art Library, Moscow (Russia)

2020 Space exploration, Khodynka Gallery, Moscow (Russia)

2020 DATA2, Bogorodskoe Gallery, Moscow (Russia)

2020 Urban environment, Tsekh, Pskov (Russia)

2019 Art memory, Thursday Foundation, Moscow (Russia)

2019 DATA1, Bogorodskoe Gallery, Moscow (Russia)

2019 Thread, Out of School, Moscow (Russia)

2019 mission of wall, PeakArt, Moscow (Russia)

Art Fairs:

2020 Blazar, Museum of Moscow(Russia)


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