Assamblage point, Parallel program of Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Peschanaya Gallery, 2019

group show

The object is part of the project From nowhere with love, created based on the letters of the artist's parents, which were written in the early 80-s. The artist's family broke up, dissolving into a scheme of "acquaintance-wedding-birth of
children-divorce". The founded archive optically "manifests" the forgotten past.
Thanks to this, the discovered fact of love, lost in time, becomes a fulcrum in the context of the experienced family trauma, the images of loved ones are reconstructed and new semantic constructions of being are formed.
Working with the text archive, the artist employs both visual and verbal languages. This object is based on drawings made in the margins of letters. The artist meticulously copies them and creates compositions, as if hanging in space. It is no coincidence that the chosen material, transparent plexiglass plates, are the embodiment of the idea of time / past: while remaining invisible in space, they imperceptibly affect our optics, in which clear signs of events sometimes get stuck.

The past, recreated by memory and documented in letter, is subjected to poetization. The artist demonstrates this by a process of transformation, filtrating unnecessary aspects, he creates a form revealing the true content of history and events*.
The act of writing is the conjuring arts by which we materialize thought and cognize the world by imagining it. Reproducing letters and drawings by the hand the artist as a spell trying to imprint in his mind the trembling story of the birth of
love and to displace the memories of its destruction.
* G. O. Vinokur in the article "The concept of poetic language" writes: "the relationship between language and poetry is not thought of as a connection of a special kind - traditional or expressive-but as a legitimate identity, so that language is itself poetry... the main feature of poetic language as a special linguistic function is that the form here is the content. However, the content expressed in sound form serves as a form of other content that does not have a special sound expression".

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